Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Britain's Got Talent 2013

As you might already know, Britain's Got Talent has returned to our TV screens for another series. 
Back in January and February of this year, I was lucky enough to attend two days of the auditions. 
The first day of auditions which I attended were held at the London Palladium. I met up with friends and spent a long time standing in the cold/rain/snow queueing for our tickets and to try and catch a glimpse of the presenters and judges as they arrived. Unfortunately they were running late and we had to take our seats before any of them arrived. 
Our seats were right at the top of The Palladium and we were unable to see the judges desk unless we stood up and leaned over the edge. Luckily we were able to do this quite a lot during the auditions and were able to shout loud enough to get some waves from the judges, particularly Amanda Holden.

 There were some amazing acts auditioning that day, one of which got the whole room up dancing, including the judges! I had such a lovely day and met some great people. 

The second day of auditions which I attended were held at The ICC in Birmingham. We arrived much earlier for these auditions and were in the first 50 people in the queue so were taken to the Holding Room to be part of the filming. It was nice to be out of the snow and in the warm. We got to see interviews with some of the auditionees. 
Before the auditions started we were lucky enough to meet Amanda Holden. She looked amazing. She is one of the kindest women I have met, so down to earth, funny and just a genuinely lovely person. We were able to get her to sign things for us and grab a quick photo. I was amazing, I will never forget it.
Our seats were much better than the last time, and we had a fab view of the stage and judges. Again there were some brilliant acts and I cannot wait to see them on TV! 
Britain's Got Talent is on ITV1 on Saturdays, with Britain's Got More Talent after on ITV2.